Social Media Etiquette

It wasn't easy to maintain what you are to other people you've met online. I must say this, I am having a hard time to mingle with people online. I go online and talk online because I love to blah blah. I talk, I write, I comment and I suggest. I may be too late for others are ahead of me but I am taking it slow only because I don't want to hamper myself with too much information that might get my head bigger than my body can actually handle. I don't want to be pretending I know everything in the world of Web 2.0.

I honestly love my profile online. Some people come and others go. It is simple. If once I deal with these people and if it offended them, they will stop dealing with me. I simply could not please everyone. Although it is sad to see someone leave, on the contrary, it opens the door to new meetings. Some may have stopped dealing with me but it does not mean that I close the door and barred the hallway to not see and meet them again.

In social media, I started as a person who would do a shout out on to anything. I got myself as a subject of a university gossip. I don't even call it gossip, I just want to yell out my idea and I didn't mean to be rude about my suggestion nor the idea ever give rudeness character to the person concerned. I found myself talking about other people just to get attention to my posts. I join this and that to earn. Now, I admit, that was definitely a wrong path to go to. Although it will not stop me from writing anything, I just need to be careful with what I write.

I am aware that there is no such thing as social media etiquette. I am aware that I know when to react and give blunt comments. I am also aware not to be easily involve with anything that is likely to be a war between who said it first or not. I might find myself in the middle of the crossfire and the situation maybe the fastest way to lose the benefits I got with social media.

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