Sticking to the Budget

The story starts from applying for a job. After a couple of job interviews, you're HIRED! Oooohhh, yeah. Enjoys your starting salary for you are a single, and since you are single, you spend like from left to right. You thought your salary is big enough for a single person. After a small chit chat with yourself, you told yourself that the 30th of the month is coming up so you will just borrow money from friends and pay them on pay day. Sounds perfect!

Tell me who among you are actually doing it because you deserve a high five? Some may tell me now, "I did that last month."

I know it's hard to do the new year's resolution of sticking to the budget and save. I know that this post is easier said than done. This happens to me too. So that's explains we are human.

In the past 4 months, I tried this simple ways to stick to my budget.

1. I don't do groceries. Whenever my friend would go to the grocery store, I list down what I need and then put a price at the right corner, add them all and just give him the money. If ever the money is not enough, I told him not to buy the last item at the bottom. First on the list are always the priority for I need those items.

2. I sold my car long time ago and I learn to appreciate riding public utility vehicles. It saves a lot of money.

3. Bring your own food for lunch. Or if you eat out, learn to eat veggies and fruits only. No rice please.

4. Don't watch TV commercials.

5. Don't go for window shopping or even go to the malls to eat.

6. Treat yourself on pay day. Only buy those what you really need.

7. Love yourself. It is for your own good.

I will not tell you I was 100% obedient to this cycle but if you will take a look at my bank statement, I guess I was because I see the big difference now.

One last tip, don't make your bank statement fool you. This time you have to be a great actor of pretending your savings are not improving. It will help you not to withdraw some money.

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