Fighting Mediocrity

According to what was define to me, the word mediocre seems to be that this is always more of a negative than average. I got to be outstanding with what I do. I shouldn't settle to be just an average.

Fighting back with mediocrity means fighting the very idea of me being an average or being a person who can just do this and that. I know I can do more and I believe I can do so whenever I only have the heart to do it. I know for myself that I have been doing a great job but with the expectations of my colleagues makes it more challenging.

I do not intend to be in accordance of their free will but it will be my free will that I will get to follow. Most of the times, I am told that I am being paid to do the job but if in my instincts says I shouldn't and wouldn't do it, I don't have the choice but to follow orders.

In my daily learnings, no one is above nor below. It was clear to me that whether I had money or not, it was I who decide not the second party nor the third party.

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