Are You Getting Better?

What have you done the past months?

Answer: I am trying not to think of my ex. I am trying to talk to as many people as possible so I won't think of him.

Why would you be doing that?

Answer: I am doing that because I can't imagine why he decide to lie to me. I don't care if I would have to know the truth, he can to tell it to me straight, but lying to hide the truth is not acceptable. I will get hurt in the process but I could have understand him better if he didn't lie and just tell me straight up.

Are you getting better with that decision to not think of your ex?

Answer: I am getting better. The more I talk to people, the more I learn from people. Also, it made me realize that my world revolves with this guy and was not able to really interact with others. I can be friends with my ex but I won't go further nor expect more. I just hope he is happy because the last talk was like he's not happy. He's giving up the fight and will just live life with what he have. I am getting better but to see him not getting better is another thing. The only sad thing about it is that you can't bring him up because his decisions are not your decisions. It is way beyond my control now.

Why are you asking yourself and answering the question at the same time?

Answer: I do this trick only when I don't know how to begin a paragraph. It is like asking myself in front of a mirror and I see my eyes of whether I tell the truth or not.

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