Happy Birthday! Hunee

This is the story why I have two birth dates. The reason why April 20 is my birthday.

My real birthday should be April 25, but for some human typo error, the nurse in charge who made the report for the City Registrar typed April 20, 1980 instead of April 25, 1980. Although the birth copy that my mother received says I was born April 25, 1980 but the document was not stamped by the City Registrar so the document is not legal. The copy my mother have turned out not to be recognized and the purpose of that copy was to tell my mother that I am going to be registered with those informations on that paper.

I never thought there was an error since I normally celebrate on the 25th not until I applied for a degree on a university. The school asked for a Certified Copy from National Statistics Office and there I was laughing. Since then I have two birthdays. I tell you, it is so damn expensive to have two birthdays. I decided back then to use April 20 to be official since court says I can't change the numbers but I can change my name. I spent thousands for the court to take sides with me but the judge says I can change all the pertinent records I have to the 20th.

I have been celebrating my birthday on this day, April 20, for 10 years now. Although before I do get 2 celebrations for some people do come on the 25th and some new friends come on the 20th. Lucky for me now, my old friends are somewhere out there and can no longer come. They just mail me postcards and emails or e card or something. My new acquaintances normally asked me to go out for a dinner whenever they are free. Since we have work and some have families, I celebrate my birthday for the whole month of April. It is not that expensive now because 70% of the time, I don't pay for the dinner. Lucky me!

I love it when people are sending me postcards and I already have that album where I put all postcards in it from anywhere in the world. I am such a friendly person, and I do trust someone easily. For whoever you are that can't send me postcard leave me a birthday comment, I will appreciate it a lot. *Grins* :D


Cocoy said...

woot! Happy Day of Hunee!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Hunee!! DM me an addy if you're comfortable with that and I'll send you a belated card. :)

Aditya said...

Email me your address at aditya@aditto.info and I shall make sure I send a postcard to you.. :)

Happy Birthday...

Wish you loads of fun and tons of happiness :)

~!jesseloop said...

happy birthday sweetheart.
hope you and your nephews celebrate in style.
20th is also Rachel's birthday. rachel and my dad have been together since i was 2, so i know rachel like a mom. she is in portland visiting her sister who is having a battle with cancer all of a sudden.
anyway, i am not good at sending anything in the mail at all. i think there are too many steps.
1. you have to write something, which means you have to have something to write on.
2. you have to have something to write. ok for me that's not that hard.
3. then you have to procure an envelope. sometimes this can be just too much for me to handle.
4. once you have the envelope you have to write the addresses on it. both to someone and from someone, and they have to be correct, too.
5. now we have to deal with the stamps. it has to have stamps.
6. even if you have stamps you have to make sure it's enough stamps. check to make sure there's not an increase, make sure if it's going overseas...etc.
7. then you have to put the thing somewhere where you'll remember to put it in the post.
8. then you actually have to put the thing in the post.
by now...if i got it written, that's lucky. if it's in the envelope that's really lucky.
see...it's just too much for me.
i love email.
i write, i click. i'm good to go.
happy birthday, from your postally challenged loser friend jesse (lol-wink).

Roland Hesz said...

Happy Birthday Hunee!

And I wish you a lot more official and unofficial ones. :)

dailytwitter said...

happy birthday from the dailytwitter - have a great day! its sounds like you have already :)


this was the dailytwitter

Hunee said...

Thank you guys :) so sweet of you to take a minute or more to write me a birthday comment...

Cocoy, thanks a lot... from the bottom of my heart..

Dave, thank you..you are so sweet and I will have your postcard framed in a glass back to back... hugs you buddy say hi to your wifey from me.. :D

Aditya, thank you. your postcard will be for keeps for sure..

Jesse, where's the romantic guy? don't want to write?? hmmm not romantic to me...hehehe.. it's ok jesse you are not oblige of course if I were "SH" you would prolly do write and mail a postcard but since I am just Hunee I would get the easiest and fastest comment from jesse.. super duper fastest message... thanks for the BIG hug...

Roland, hey you... thank you so much... you are definitely for keeps just like my online mother tells me...

DT, thanks for the online card... Click to see the e card http://www.dailytwitter.com/birthday.html

thanks everyone...guys... now gurls where are you???


ggapol said...

Hello Hunee! Happy Birthday to you girl!!! :D
Wish you all the best in life...

How I wish I can send you the man of your dreams wrapped as a gift delivered at your doorstep. :P

God Bless! Stay happy, sweet and lovable always :)
Happy Birthday!!!!

mic2008 said...

Wishin You all the best 4 birthday!

Enjoy your day and celebrate a biig party with your mates!

Kind regards, all the best wishes and hugs 'n greetings to the Philippines!
M I C 2 0 0 8

The Muscle Bound Geek: David Shorb said...

Happy birthday!, I hope you have a great week!


Jack Lhasa said...

Happy Birthday Sis!!!!

Wibble said...

Happy birthday for both of them, and its still 20th here ifnot there ;)

PrettyDaisy said...

Happy Bday! legally m late for bday greeting but u still have April 25th to celebrate your 2nd bday hahah.. God bless you!

May God bless u real love even if you dont plan it or look for it. F God will bless u that?..everything will flow smoothly that even storms around cant stop it! m the living example of it! just believe and enjoy your bday! mwaaah

Mike Neumann said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Hunee!! It's great being your Twitter bud, and it was really fun almost sharing time zones when I was in Sydney last week. :) You're a good friend and good fun. It's always good cheer to read your Tweets. :)

Very best,

-- @mikeneumann

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! It's your birthday... It's your birthday... Happy Birthday Goldilocks... I mean Hunee.. ahehe

Chris Jan said...



frm ur cutest ojt:
chris jan =)

sardscreed said...

Hello Maam Hunee. Belated Happy Birthday. We wish you All the Best in your life.

Be Yourself
Invite new Challeges
Recall past triumph's
Trust your instincts
Have faith in your abilities
Desire only the best
Affirm your strenghts
You've got what it takes.!

Jon Jamora said...

WHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Birthday daw niya oh.hehehe.. happy birthday hun...

Devyl Gyrl said...

Hello my beautiful, sweet friend. I am sorry I did not get here on your "unofficial" official birthday. I was thinking of you, though!

I hope that you had a wonderful day with friends/family, though. I wish it was possible to teleport, because then I would have come to the Philippines to give you a hug and a kiss, and bake you a cake (just like any good TwitterMom should do!).

I love you, Hunee. You're one of the "special" people in my life that always make me smile, no matter how I feel. I think you have an amazing spirit, and a beautiful personality. You're an incredible woman, and I can't wait to meet you in person some day! I think we'll get along great!

Many hugs, lots of kisses.

aka Devyl

gemini said...

Happy Birthday lyrics

Hey you
I know I'm in the wrong
Time flies
When you're having fun
You wake up
Another year is gone
Twenty one

I guess you wanna know
Why I'm on the phone
It's been a day or so
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

Yeah yeah whoa oh
I know you hate me
Yeah yeah whoa oh
Well I miss you too
Yeah yeah I know
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

So hard
When you're far away
It's lame but I forgot the date
I won't make the same mistake
I'm so to blame

Now you know
Don't hang up the phone
I wish I was at home
I know it's way too late
But happy birthday

Yeah yeah whoa oh
I know you hate me
Yeah yeah whoa oh
Well I miss you too
Yeah yeah I know
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

It's not that I don't care
You know I'll make it up to you
If I could I'd be there

Yeah yeah whoa oh
Yeah yeah whoa oh
Well I miss you too
Yeah yeah I know
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

Yeah yeah whoa oh
I know you hate me
Yeah yeah whoa oh
Well I miss you too
Yeah yeah I know
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday
To you

julz said...


You're so lucky for having two birthdays because not everyone are able to celebrate their bday twice. :) Be thankful always for all the blessings you have...Stay happy and please do take good care of your self always. that is my only request to you. :)

Mam hunee, since it is your birthday, i planned to give a poem...but, i have a little time to make such bday poem for you...as a substitute i want to share a poem i made about my mother...it is my way to thank your mother because if it's not because of your mother i won't have a chance to meet you... here it is... :) hope you like it! :)

To my Lover

I have not known the world lies
From the day I opened my eyes
Only your smile I see
That brought joy to me.

It was a wonderful day of April
With the sky so blue and winds gentle breeze;
Birds were singing a song so merry
That adds music to my world so still.

About the world I knew nothing
My mind was like a clean sheet of paper
Which is pure and clear
You painted it with thy teachings.

From the day I was born I knew nothing
But you taught me everything
From crawling to walking;
From baby cries to words for communicating.

Because of thy effort and love
My hunger of knowledge you fill out
Taught me how to write and to reason out
Now, look, who am I today?

Because of thy heart so pure
Overflowing love you pour
So I’ll grow stronger like a tree
And I am thankful to thee.


chardcute said...

all i can say is

"HAPPY BDAY maam HuNeE"....

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