Birthday Countdown

It'll be my birthday soon. Make a guess of when is my birthday and you'll get a gift from me.

Cheerful lady online
The jolly person for real
Sweet girl
Smart ass babe
Geek chick
Traveling guru
Outdoor enthusiast
Loving person
(What else can you say about me?)

I am definitely cheerful, I don't like fake but I do respect you if you want space. I am sweet, smart and very deadly when you try to mess up with me. I love technology but I am way not so much in love with it. I still got too many things to learn about technology. I love to give hugs and smacks. I do love to travel and take pictures. Outdoor is the best, you can see the other persons real attitude and how she or he deals with life. Very much loving and I don't keep hate in my heart. - Hunee


Devyl Gyrl said...

I LOVE your blog layout now ... very pretty!!

And, does it count if I already guessed your birthday once? *grins*

Love you.

Hunee's Blog said...

nope....you know when is my birthday and you get a pearl from me so i don't think you need to join... *winks*

loves you :D

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