30Hrs of No Coffee

I have been a coffee addict since college. Most of the time, I drink coffee so that I won't get to sleep for I have projects to do. Just like cigarettes, once you are hooked to it, it is so hard to take it out in your system of day to day living.

My coffee addiction is not good. I woke up 5 am and I take one cup. I don't care what kind of coffee and I don't care if they taste good or not. I just need that caffeine in my system to start my day. Then when I eat breakfast, I will have another cup. When I reached the school and before the bell rings, cafeteria first for my cup of coffee. Brings it inside the classroom and drinking it slowly till the class will end.

Soon it'll be the end of one semester. Left and right, projects are coming in. Doing this and that, until such time that I don't have a choice but to stay up till morning just to finish them all and I still have time to study. I need to maintain a grade because I wanted to be in the top 50 students in Business Management course. I did graduate in top 15 but the bad side of it, I am hooked to coffee. Taking in more than 8 cups a day. My sleeping hours starts from 2am till 8am. I am a certified addict.

Recently, I am so pressured at work and my stress level is high, I cling on to drinking coffee to make me calm. I was shivering and I don't know how to stop it. Definitely, drinking too much coffee in a day will soon make you end up in the hospital.

I survived 30hrs with no coffee intake. I am so happy. I want to make it to 48hrs.

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