GPD08 - "Good People Day" 2008

It's a good thing to at least go back and think of all the people who do you good and thank them. This will be a long post.

At work:

These are the people that inspire me to work for if not I won't get paid. (laugh my heart out) Actually, if I don't do my job all of us will not get any from the company we're working at.

1. Michelle King
2. Nancy Gilay
3. Daisy Sy
4. Dax Alonzo
5. Dr. Jeanette
6. Jonathan Lobo

Online - Twitter

These are my online buddies who give me awesome advice on anything. Giving me hugs and kisses and a whole lot of loving everyday. I learn a lot from this people. Sign up for twitter here.

1. @Devyl
2. @jesatiu
3. @Blueteddy
4. @ggapol
5. @jacklhasa
6. @mspecht
7. @manuelviloria
8. @Tojosan
9. @NontrivialMatt
10. @muscleboundgeek
11. @etherjammer
12. @silkcharm
13. @jjprojects
14. @DrBaher
15. @boink
16. @chattee
17. @davehuston
18. @preppydude
19. @alousionist
20. @bettyboop
21. @tiggerpal
22. @HotFish
23. @dailytwitter
24. @dangyr
25. @aglick35
26. @LaTtEX
27. @myrnaweinreich
28. @Dark_Artic
29. @motownmutt
30. @kayden75
31. @sorenj


My ever loving friends. Lots of memories.

1. Steve
2. Gino
3. Rad
4. Meg
5. Sharon
6. Apple


Support and words of wisdom from my family.

1. Dad
2. Mamu
3. Kevs-Miks
4. Uncle Marlon and Family
5. Sugar


Short acquaintances but meaningful indeed. Worthy to keep forever.

1. Shawn G.
2. Amanda D.
3. Shawn D.
4. Jerry D.

I hope I did not forget someone.

Read more here.


Myrna said...

you sure are spreading lots of love around the world my dear Hunee! Lots of love back to you!!

ggapol said...

yeah, I agree. She always spreads love and smiles to everyone :). So she is one of the GOOD people too... God Bless!

motownmutt said...

thanks, hunee! You make my day as well, with your warmth and kindness. Thank you.


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