I Enjoyed Everything I Do, Do You?

Posted by Hunee | 4/02/2008 07:09:00 PM | , | 2 comments »

Let us start with the basic. Why makes you do this and that?

My answer to that question is, I do this marketing job because this gives me the money that I am going to pay for the needs of my Dad. Other reasons are; I can buy food with this income, clothes, travel and others. The bottom line really is my Dad needs me. The only way I can give Dad my support is through working whether or not I like my day job. Dad is partially disable and I know he can still work but will not give him the opportunity to give his best for he can't move all his fingers at his left hand. I volunteered to be Dad's other income. I do pay for his light and water bills. Sometimes I give money for his food. Other thing Dad wants to have, like his vices, Dad gets through his own effort.

If you will ask me, I do not like marketing job. But if I keep thinking that I hate this job, I will not be productive. My needs down to my goal to help Dad will not be achieved. Even if I hate this job, there will always be something for me to learn. Something for me to be useful at and in time, I will be productive for this area.

The ability to do well on things I don't like is the main reason why I am happy right now. It may not be in terms of how much is my savings, it is terms of how many people I have helped through the process.

I looked at the future and not tomorrow's result. I am looking for ways to learn from it and not just them, my clients/prospects, learn from me. I do it for Dad, for me, for my other siblings. I enjoy everyday talk with different people. I enjoy smiling and saying Good morning/afternoon to anybody. I restrict my mind to thinking negative. I talk and join people with so much positive attitude in life.

Ironic because I never like the marketing job, but I do enjoy and love everything I do. Do you enjoy what you do?


  1. Ajay Ranipeta // April 4, 2008 at 10:45 PM  

    Well, if I may say, i've noticed with a few people that they are actually quite good at the job they prefer not to have. So no matter what type of job you have, if you can/are doing what you love, then that's what matters.

    probably should stop talking (it's almost 2am here), but hope that helps with your spirits :)


  2. aditto // May 31, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

    the more i am reading your blog, the more im getting absorbed in it.
    its written so lucidly and so wonderfully.
    this is life hunee, isnt it?