What I've Learned From Twitter Today

April 15, 2008

I know I started the day with a little taxi accident. I don't really have to write about it here because it's not that important. My morning with twitter was great. I think because I am beginning to made a connection with the people I follow and the people who followed me back. I guess they know who I am now.

Twitter can be for one's personal agenda, can be for business, can be for fun, can be anything I guess. You can define your own twitter page. For me, twitter is more of discovering the world through social networking. Sometimes I don't agree with tweets but I do respect those tweets as long as they give a valid reason. Although sometimes, I can't react to a tweet without reading the archive pages of the person concern for I might react in a wrong way or might send tweets that are not correlated with what is the topic. I am also aware that you can ask the person, but because I came from Asia, 80% of the time, they don't give me back answers. Since day one, I am so good with saying good morning and giving hugs. I am good at it, may it be online or offline. There are times I love to just be the constant twitter voyeur for I know when I stop sending tweets, I can learn from someone.

I was a voyeur today. I learned something from @amandachapel and @Despil conversation. Honestly, 60% of me wants to react and take the side of @Despil but that would be bias. I follow @Despil and not @amandachapel. Since twitter does not take away my choices, I choose not to follow @amandachapel. I respect her but I think my world of views against her world of views is entirely different. I respect her because that's what makes her @amandachapel.

I also want to follow the conversations of @markdavidson and @cameronreilly but the latter says he has to work. I admire @markdavidson. He asked for some proofs. I also respect @cameronreilly for saying what's on his mind. I can't take sides again for I was not able to dig deeper how and why @cameronreilly post that tweet.

It was definitely an unusual Tuesday. Hope it will be like this tomorrow.

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