Latte Fiction Part 1

I'm sitting on this beautifully hand crafted piece of chair in a coffee shop with a cup of latte on this coffee table. Typical and usual days of hanging out with your laptop inside a coffee shop. It is a tropical country but people like my age would spend most time hanging out in a coffee shop than wander in a mall and do shopping.

It was a boring afternoon. I decided to log in to a chat room and maybe look for someone to talk to. Then I got one, buzzing my screen three times.

"Hi! ASL?", he asked.

"Hello! ASL?", I said.

"I asked you first, why would you not answer first?"

"Why? Is there such a rule on that? I'm sorry, when I got here I didn't get to read rules or whatever."

His name was Craig. Our first meeting was on a yahoo chat room. I don't like him at all. But later on, I seem to like his rudeness.

"I like that in a girl. You are a girl, right?"

"Why are you asking? You don't talk to guys?"

Craig was persistent. He never give up. And so I fell in love. It was a great 4 years together. Those were the times that I've got to learn to live a life online. I am the type that don't like to listen to people telling me things even if they are right. I just don't want to listen. I am a self confess brat.

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