Boring Life of a Pretentious Lady

Pretending to have this and that would never get you anywhere. Well for some, temporarily they have attained such pedestal but they never stayed there long enough for others to notice them. What do I mean when I say noticed by others is that when you are really that high other people will not forget about you. It don't matter if you've done good or not what matters is when I say your name, others should remember who you are and how you look like.

Living a life of pretending you are someone when you go home and see yourself that you are not is such a big fucking LIE. It is far more better to live to the truth of what you are and what you have than to ever experience the big drop of popularity when one seems to notice and start investigating of who you are really. It'll be the hardest and very painful drop ever in your life.

Happiness is not about getting things in life, it is not about getting what you really want and not about getting all those money. It is more about what you can be to others and how others respond to who you are to you. If by chance you were true and then others won't noticed you today but soon appreciated your honestly as days went on, is the best to have happened to someone who's feet are always on the ground.

It is not easy to get attention and recognition for being honest. It is most likely to be the least of what is being seen by people but it is most likely will lead you to good people and a better life. For if by chance you've lived a lie then it is the worst thing ever and the very difficult thing to ever recover. I am not saying that you can no longer get back to number one, you can but you have to be willing to go through what you have just done. It is difficult to earn the trust back but it will be worth it for you might be earning more friends than ever.

It don't matter what you have, what matter is you're being true. It doesn't matter where you have been or what other changes are there in your life, what matter is that you were happy doing it and that when you go home you would see your self smiling and not thinking of what to lie tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

living an honest life is difficult, but at the end of it all, that is the only thing which will give u the sense of divine happiness...

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