My Own Track to Financial Freedom?

There are so many like me who wanted to retire young and I am one of those. First, I have tried to work so hard through multi-level marketing and I have succeeded but to see those new recruits of those you have recruited before earned nothing because the company closed down, and I did not liked the end effect. I started to have my own desktop publishing with one computer but because you were new you have to invest more money to get the business going. Then I brought business to home and simply do what I do best in the field. And because it is home based business now, earnings normally go straight to the table for food.

Even though everything has to end sadly, I was able to save a sum of money which I am going to use for another business venture. I am an official loan shark. It was a good start no doubt but somehow I have to stop it because loaners never paid me back. Yes, they still owe me money. Now, I am back working. An official 8 hour work were someone will tell me what to do. I am happy I got my ever first 8 hour job.

With the 2 years of working, my savings is not that much though but what I have learned the best about working is that I was able to learn that earning is not like a dream that when you wake up it is over. Earning is both patience and hard work. Unlike multi-level marketing, earning is like an overnight dream.
I always like this phrase, "Pay now, Play later."

It somehow tells me to exert effort today and you will reap your fruits tomorrow. Nothing in life is worth having if you do not invest a drop of sweat on it.
I am pretty diligent when it comes to savings, and if there would be extra activities I have got to think of an idea on how to earn extra for me to join and do my extra activities. I do hope I will do good on this one.

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