Rainy Road Trip

It is supposed to be Sunday and I am supposed to be sleeping all day and watching TV but I got work to do. We, at MTC Academy, was invited to participate on a Jobs Fair at Digos City. We represented the ICT, Business and Medical Transcriptions and what are the jobs available for this sector. We love Digos because of it's yummy Rice Cake, Puto with Dinuguan and the Sotanghon.

As part of the marketing job that I am to do, I don't have a choice and since the only way to generate awareness and to continue the advocacy, even if it is Sunday I got to go there. I love to travel no matter how boring it is and for whatever is the purpose.

When we got to Digos, the weather seems to hate me and my boss, Wit Holganza, for it rained heavily and really not a good time for people to go to Jobs Fair. What we did, we bought handicrafts and green mangoes and of course, we hop in to the Agri Fair of the city to check on what's being displayed.

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