Promises are not Made to be Broken

I have been recruiting transcriptionist to do some outsourced work for me since I can not do it all on my own. The agreement was just verbal since they were a graduate of the school I am working with. Doing transcription jobs is part time for me. I don't do medical transcriptions because according Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ( HIPAA 1996), recorded medical files are confidential and it requires a thorough editing and proofreading job. For some, they do it as a stay-at-home job but still I would like the quality over quantity. It doesn't matter if it pays a lot more than general or business transcriptions, what matter is I am able to deliver a quality service to the client.

Again, going back to the agreement made last week, I was happy to know that I got eight files and I only need 3-4 transcriptionists that can type fast, has a computer and internet at home and the attitude that once they accepted the agreement they would do their part of the deal. It turned out to be the other way around. I was left doing all the eight files and now I have another 7 files to finish until tomorrow.

I know we did not sign any papers on this. Trust doesn't have to begin with signing a paper, it starts with the word, YES.

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