Nonsense New Year Resolution

A new year and a new promises to one self. Why? Is it because people are realizing they've got to change because they have to be good for the new year? Or they are just telling us that these are the promises and promises are made to be broken.

It is so not entertaining for one to tell everyone that he's/she's going to do better this year and he or she is no longer gonna be this and that. One should grow up and stop mumbling stupid resolutions. One does not hold the fate in his or her hands. One has to acknowledge that he or she is human and that humans shape and mold his future through his or her decision today. So if one decide to be good this 2008, he or she will never be good at all. Why? Because his or her body does not tell nor change for the better.

If you want to change then change now. How? Don't tell people about it. Tell yourself.

No one cares if you say you'll change. They will care if they see changes on you.

Some say, I will not cheat. You won't cheat this 2008 only if you tell your partner you cheated last 2007. Changes means acceptance and acceptance means forgiveness. Then there is serenity and pureness.

Resolutions are futile if there was no actions to it.


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