The Many Uses of Twitter: Part 2

So, I've been telling Hunee I'd write this sequel for a week or so now, but I've been struggling over what deserves to be covered. I'm gonna lay out a few more tools for enhancing your Twitter experience.

Thanks to Twitter's open API, lots of great people have made lots of great tools for it. In part one I mentioned TweetStats, and the creator of that wonderful site, also has an excellent way to clear out your DM inbox. Make sure you show some love and follow @dacort for his excellent contributions to the way we use twitter.

Twitter Karma and My Tweeple are both excellent sites for managing your followers/followees. As you gain more followers, it becoms difficult to do this on the twitter site. These sites make it much easier.

Tweetbar is a cool little plug-in for FireFox that lets you tweet right from the address bar in your browser.

Lastly, take a look at Twittervision. It's a very cool little play thing that can show you where in the world all your favorite Twits are tweeting from.

One more thing. Do you have a good idea for a Twitter App? You can learn more about working with the Twitter API here.

I hope you've learned some things about Twitter today. Please, if I have left out any of your favorite tools or apps in this series of posts, let Hunee know, and maybe I'll be back ;)

Much Love.
Jack Lhasa
I Listen.
I Travel.

Jack Lhasa is a travel writer, currently in Southern California. He maintains several blogs, a dozen or more social networks, and writes for cash too. Damn, he's everywhere. ;)


Anonymous said...

What's microblogging?

Hunee Royo said...

Hi! Are you from Davao too?? Anyway, the best person who will answer that question would be Jack Lhasa. He's a twitterholic. I think twitter is a microblogging platform. Right, Jack?

Jack Lhasa said...

@anonymous microbloggging is kind of like blogging in very short bursts of thought. Many sites function on this, twitter, jaiku, pownce, brightkite, orkut, etc, etc, Check out what wiki has to say:


Jerry said...

Hi! Ms. Hun. Jerry here. From the last University you've talked to. Just wondering, the last time you talked and even showed twitter page to us and I really don't understand why people send twits of where they are and what they are doing. When I was first introduced to twitter (and you did that) I have noticed that twitter is like a chatroom were people exchange thoughts and all stuff. Also noticed that others are promoting their blog posts on twitter.

So this mean twitter has evolved to a chatroom or a forum?

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