When It is Enough

There has been a lot of times when you would just swallow your pride because of different reasons under different circumstances. One can be because you don't see a way out and you thought it was the end of the road, you simply have to go into a small pathway like the needle to be able to get through life's challenges.

When do you say it is enough? Would you rather do it over and over again only because you are into the same situation and you thought it was appropriate?

The obvious thing is that you have been over and over that situation and you did not learn anything from it. You thought life is short and you wanted to live it happy. Then think about this, if you want to live life happy keep your feet grounded. It is not because you have been through life's misery you would now decide to party each night and pretend life blessing would be the same all of your life.

I wish I know how to tell you straightforward and still would not hurt your feelings but dude, grow up. Life is all about you. What you do, what you make out of every minute given to you everyday. If it comes to money, you can always work for it. Don't tell me you can't go to work only because you were not able to finish college. When you were given the chance to go to college did you do well? Did you go to school like you always say you will? Now you're telling me you can't find work. Who's fault is that?

You are actually given another chance now. You can go back to school but of course you're too shy because you're not that young anymore. When you were young did you ever thought of the fact that every morning you are getting older and that you can not just say, I'll just do it tomorrow.

I hope you do get to read this. I wanted to help but you looked at me as if I was making everything worse for you.

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