Word of Honor

Recently, I received an email from someone in India. His name is Aditya and this is his email to me.


Do you remember me?

I had asked for your address to send you a birthday card from India? (aditya@aditto.info)

Well, I have been reading your blog. I am adding it to my favorite blogs... http://aditto.wordpress.com

I love to read your blog and it reflects a good intellect and a very deep understanding of life in and around yourself.

Keep writing.

Best wishes.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I never intend to write to get appreciation but I only intend to say what I want to say. It all started with one comment someone told me. He said, "This girl doesn't know what the internet is all about. Let's see what this stalker will give us in the future."

I was called a stalker by a person who's surname was Ross. I didn't like the way he talked about me because he made me a campus online buzz. As much as I want the attention because I was just a new blogger at that time, I didn't like the way it all started. I don't want to be following someone or stalking someone. I am Asian and I am proud of that but the mere fact that they think I am a stalker and because I am an Asian doesn't give him the right to talk that way. In every word that I write on this blog are words that are carefully chosen so that I can avoid any racist act or anything that can hurt ones feelings towards what I call freedom of speech.

I got furious but I don't want to stoop down to their level and argue with them. I stopped. I don't want to fight about it because in their mind, I was only a typical Asian girl who has something to say but who cares. Nobody cares what my thoughts are and what I say about life. I stood up to that decision and in a year, I've opened up, met new people online. I was trying to understand their culture and their beliefs. I was trying to make them understand my side as well. Some accepted who I am and what I stand. Others retracted because I was a waste of time.

What I strongly believe is that my life is the result to how others look at me, and how others look at me is a result of what I am to them, as what they've known who I am and where I come from. The only people that knows me best is myself, my friends and my family. What other people know me less are the ones who look at where I come from, a general judgment.

My posts, my articles, my sentences, my phrases, and my words sums up to who I am.

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