One Day Travel To Kidapawan

My road trip for this month is going to a city where people will give you fruits for free. Nyahhh...that was what they've told me when I hop in to the red pick up truck. I know that there are no longer free items that would be given to you these days. I thought, well it is a province, why not. Road trip to Kidapawan City.

We left Davao City around 5pm and we got to Kidapawan City around 7pm. The reason why I join these guys (Mitch, Loyd, Jean and Novo) is because I would want to go to Dax's place and would like to get some peppercorns.

The green peppercorns are supposed to be up in the peppercorn vines but Dax has to show it to us. The black ones are the real pepper that we should use when we are cooking. Here is a tip: BEWARE some peppercorns sold at the market are not true peppercorns.

I was not happy seeing the green peppercorns, I would like to see the vines, and the ripe peppercorns that are harvested then dried and then used for cooking food.

We get to eat dinner at Dax's house too. Lucky for us, we were able to eat Durian for free.

Here are more pictures of Kidapawan City at night. Very nice city lights.

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