February Love

Enormous when you feel it. You feel flying when you are in it. You are blooming everyday. Your mornings are like one new day to celebrate.

The never ending promise of being in love. So good when you have someone to give love to. You never thought you can do this for him or her. Red roses, chocolates, kisses and "I love you" are always present during this time of the year. The February Love where most couples celebrate an intimate and passionate time for themselves.

Hotel rooms are booked. Flower prices goes up. Chocolates are everywhere. Red is the color of the month.

Does anyone know that the color red means hot, can increase the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. When we see color red, by culture, it means power. When we use red, it grabs attention and to get people to take action. No wonder Red is worn during Chinese New Year.

(Hmmmm...I should wear red everyday.)

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