No Other Way

There had been many times when you tried to do something and yet there is no progress and you felt like giving up.

You have too much confidence that you can do this. No matter how many times you tried and others keep on saying you have to let it go, still you hang on to it and still tried to do it despite the fact that there is no support from the others. You tell yourself, I can do this....I can and I will.

No doubt you can do things beyond your expectations but you, me and them are humans and we are not perfect. There may be times that we were able to do things and made us feel we are a hero. But it will never happen all the time. There will be times and you know that this time, you can not do it.

There is no other way but to quit. Truly, it is heartbreaking when you decide to quit but it is more noble to be able to quit now than try doing it again and again. You will never know you will be able to accomplish it in the future. You might just need more time to study and think and maybe go to the basic.

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