5 Things I have Learned about Love

It is that time of the year where LOVE is the main subject thus giving people smiles and blushes the whole day. Long kisses and sex later at night. Yes, it is Valentine's Day, the day of love for the whole world.

How many times have you fallen in and out of love? For me, I have fallen a couple of times. Fallen out of love a couple times as well. Reading a lot of fairy tales made me think of what an ideal man for me. But I was hurt by my past experience, it got me to thinking that loving someone or giving love to someone aren't taught in books or any thing that is written but they are found by really letting yourself fall in love and fall out of love and be hurt.

I am pretty sure you will not agree with me and you could say your mother knows better, but the nuggets of these learnings are taken from the act of an individual to be involve, in love, with another person.

Here are some things I personally learned from falling in love.

1. Always communicate. Never miss a day without telling the person you love what you feel about him or her. Take the initiative to get the ball rolling.

2. Negative thoughts about him or her always brings your relationship down. It is natural for a person to react but contain your emotions. It is a better way to start talking.

3. Enjoy each others company. If you don't enjoy the moments that you are together, it will be a boring relationship.

4. Money brings happiness so does it creates a big problem. Learn to share. Do pay some of the expenses especially when you are watching movies.

5. Kiss and saying I love you. If you don't love the person then why do want to get near him or her? Why do you always call him or her? Why do you want to his or her company?

I know it hurts a lot when you tried your best and broke up in the end. It is better to have loved than not to have loved at all.

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