Feeling the Love Month

Is the month of February an emo month?

For sure there will be color red everywhere. Hearts and here and there. The prices of flowers will go up again. There will be chocolates too.

I hate the 2008 February month. Why? I hate it because my 4 year relationship ended last month. So I don't like to see others being sweet with their partner.

I don't particularly feel the love month. What I feel now is sadness and being lonely again. The good thing about this is that I am working too hard now just to forget and let go. It is working but it is working slowly. I would like to wake up one day that I am practically happy about the fact that I have the chance to love someone again.

I am happy with work, with life, but not happy in heart. When I started announcing that I am single again, there are a lot of people whom I turned my back on when I was with that relationship, were the same people who supported me. The people whom I thought were against me, were the people who gave me flowers and bracelet and chocolates.

What about you? What is your feeling about the love month?

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