Time to Change

Everyone desires to change the world but no one would want to start the change within themselves. It is ironic for one to change the world if he can't change himself.

Changes can be seen as either revolutionary (something totally different from what has been) and evolutionary (a refinement from what has been). It is usually easy to accept change as a simple refinement from what is usually done than to accept an entirely different or new changes.

Most of us don't want to change because change may mean personal loss and change requires additional commitment. Often it is describe like this joke: "How many people does it change a light bulb?" Answer. "Four. One to change the light bulb and three to think of how good the old light bulb was."

The same thing happen to us who would think of the past than to move on and make change. There is no change that is so easy to do but when we are all convince to change we slowly adapt and when we are all doing it, we didn't realize that there is something else to do. We got stuck at what we usually do. Even some of us, during job interviews says, "I don't like a routine job." But when you are in that job for 2 years you seemed to like what your doing. Funny but true.

Is it time to change? When do we need to change? What should be changed?

To quote:
The wrong decision at the wrong time = DISASTER.
The wrong decision at the right time = MISTAKE.
The right decision at the wrong time = UNACCEPTANCE.
The right decision at the right time = SUCCESS.
- John Maxwell, The Winning Attitude

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