I am sick

very sunny in the morning
getting dark around 9 am
rain starts to fall at 10 am
goes heavy till the afternoon

I am sick
with politics

they love Obama
I don't know Obama
Bush endorses McCain
Who is he?

I am sick
with life

no matter how hard you do
someone still pulling you down
it don't even matter to them
they'll say, Who the f**k are you?

I am sick
with dreaming

it always make me weak
maybe because it shows me what I want
but it never happens
and I'm so sick of that

I am sick
with loving

you give
but no one appreciate it.
you share
but one will get jealous

I am sick


leprechaun said...

i'm sick too ;)

My World said...

I don't like Obama.
I don't like Mc Cain.
I'm waiting for SOMEONE to declare a new campaign.

have a great weekend!

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