Random Thoughts....

I feel alive again....
I would like to..
Do I have to ask?
Is it gonna be a yes?
Or should I wait for *** to ask...
** said it's easier to ask now...
Do I have to wait?
Is it gonna be right to be involve again after the heartache?
Do I have to care about the past?
It is the past so I dumped it..

The battle of my heart and mind
increasing heart's beat to vanish doubting thoughts
struggling what should be done first
can't move, would want to move

sunshine it is
but there's sunset
and so the body rest for awhile
but the heart keeps on beating
while the mind is at rest

I am happy but am still afraid to ask
should I ask or should I give it awhile...
breaking the heart is easy
but giving the heart again is hard

would you dance with me?
or should I say it relentlessly..
and honestly

Maybe later
Not now for sure
later is better..

who should I choose?
that one
this one
or the another one

can't make up yet
I like this one
I like that one too
not the other one for **'s no longer free

this one is vocal
that one is not even sure what **'s feelings are
should I follow my heart?
or I should give time?
for I need time as well..

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