Why are women so sensitive?

A lot of guys have asked this question several times. There had been cases of break ups because of women being over sensitive. I'll say that again, over sensitive.

Guys, us girls, are not sensitive. Oh yeah, I can hear some reactions now.

Here are some that may help you.

Girls love to be appreciated all the time. Gifts are good but you have to give it little extra added affection in giving it. A doctor friend of mine said, girls experience mood swings which is part of being a girl because girls have the menstrual cycle. Frequent mood swings are symptoms of menopause so I hope your special girl is not in her menopausal stage.

Guy came in greeted his woman, "Hey! Honey. How's your day?". Either she just look at you or she said, "I'm not in the mood." You can ask her what happened and if she insist on not to talk about it then don't ask further questions. Don't say anything just stay beside her. If she's reading a book then read a book as well. Watching TV then watch TV with her, even if you don' t like Desperate Housewives or whatever that is. Slowly, she'll get near you and cuddle with you or she'll ask you questions that starts with, WHY. You can answer some questions though or just listen to her but never argue with what she's telling you. You can say "Maybe...(followed by what you would want to say)" after she took that deep breath and tone down her voice.

Guys, just let your girls be mad at you sometimes. It does not mean the end of the relationship. Girls, don't go too far with your sensitivity. You may lose your man if you are over sensitive.

One thing I would like to add though, don't end the night without talking about it.

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WhatNow said...

This sounds like a personal explanation. I myself prefer silence and solitude when I'm not in the best mood. Cuddling is not attractive to me generally as I'm not very affectionate. I think the best a guy can do is just know his chick and meet her needs accordingly. Nice little note though.

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