Epilogue: The Different Kind of Love Story

February is always associated with loving couple cuddling each other endlessly and wishing the night of February 14 would never end.

Leaders love their followers is another kind of love story. The employer loves her employees because the company sales is going up and this is another kind of love story. One thing I know is that the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose is the difference between success and mediocrity.

A leader can be successful if he has made the right change and thus get the smaller part of credits, but if things didn't worked out, would get the greater part of blame. Also goes the same way for the employers.

The love story that I am talking about here is the love story between you and your inner being. The main point is, you can not love someone unless you love yourself first. Neither a leader can be a leader when he or she is not leading himself or herself.

Let us start giving to ourself first before we start giving to others. And before February 14 comes, give yourself a break and share something to yourself too.

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