December Blog: One at a time

Hello! This is part two of my December Blog.

First on my list was buying my auntie her favorite necklace. When we were there at the store last night, she said she has allergies to fake silvers and gold. We asked the saleslady if the necklace is real. The saleslady asked her supervisor and said, no it is just for fashion. To my auntie's dismay she asked me to treat her for dinner.

I know she's a little sad but food makes her happy. And I know later she will tell me the "If only" phrases.

She met with her friends after dinner and I accompanied her. Wanted to make sure she's happy until the night is over. Good thing I don't have work tomorrow.

Going on to the second on the list, buy me a slippers. I bought two pairs of slippers for myself. Yippie!! Woot woot!....

Next thing, buy dad some shorts and underwear. Till the next post everyone.

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