Why Do I Blog?

A lot of people is asking me why I spend time blogging for nothing. They think I would be discriminated or laughed at every time I make a post. Well, I am Asian and they believe that people from other countries would be mean to me if I would continue on blogging.

They can be right, they can be wrong as well.

I believe in any country someone will be against you or will be supporting you. I know that with my personality, my first reaction to something mean would be to get mad about it. Then, I have to think of whether I should react or detract. If it's something against my understanding or views of what is bad behavior, I would do anything just to let it out. After a few minutes of being alone, I prefer to write down what is on my mind.

Writing down helps me. It is one thing that I am free to do, same as those who would be commenting on my posts. It's the free will. I am glad I am born in a country where free will to write my thoughts are allowed.

I can choose not to be careful with what I write but I should be commenting is another thing. For one, I have all free will when I am establishing a paragraph of thoughts comparing it to writing down my comments it is a cautious writing of thoughts for I have to consider what the writer is trying to convey in her or his post.

Although I am aware that I cannot control one's comments on my blog, I completely have to take it all in me when someone is making fun at me. Let them be, as I say it always. Anyway, they will have their own experience.

As a blogger, it is so damn hard to make a good post. But as a commenter, it is so easy. Why? It is easy because you don't think more deeply in commenting. You base your comments on what you have read and the way you were able to understand it. In making a post for your blog, you take more time in thinking what to write.

Also as a blogger, whether your comments are serious or not, I would be glad to accept it. I respect your side but you should respect my side as well.

Think first before you react.

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