December Blog: I'm Joining a Charity Activity

I am fortunate enough that even if I am in a rocky situation, God didn't give me any cancer like these kids at Davao Medical Center's House of Hope.

Now, to continue giving joy, DXSS Mom's Radio and MTC Academy thought of giving time and toys to the cancer patients in Davao.

The two establishments are hoping to raise enough toys and food for the kids. They would also want you to participate in raising the toys and food.
Please call 222 6822 for more inquiry.

Let us see them smile with our toys.


Elween said...

this is so meaningful. like we do in our children ministry, we also collect lots of stuff for this christmas so that children from poor family will received a small gift or toys in this coming christmas party in the public library. :)

Hunee's Blog said...

Elween, thanks so much....even if you can't donate or give your time with them you can write something about the cancer patients. I will post pictures this Sunday after the charity work.

Merry Christmas to you

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