December Blog: 5 Things To Make This Christmas Better (The Entrepreneurial Way)

I always wanted to give someone a gift this Christmas. I want to give her this, and him that, and these people in the office these little office things. Oh well, I always end up not buying for myself too. Now I would just say, there will be payroll the next 15 days.

Here's how I will make this Christmas a win-win situation.

1. My officemates don't have time to go out and look for things to buy. I ask them what do they need to so I can look for them secretly. When I found that piece of junk I show it to them and say, "My friend's selling one. What color you like again?"

I earn a little, and I help them buy things without getting out to the mall. I'm the walking mall!

2. Some people don't know how to wrap. Yes, I buy Christmas wrappers and wrap it for them, but I don't wrap inside the office but I told them I will get this wrapped inside the mall. They never know, when I was at a food station, I wrapped it myself.

I am the wrapper.

3. As a wrapper myself, I make loot bags too. They will just pick what loot bags they like.

4. I sell brownies and other sweet goodies. I don't make them myself. I don't have time at all. I look for someone who will bake them for me. I gave that baker an extra job which will earn him or her an extra income for Christmas. And then, I sell it to those who are lazy to look for gifts.

5. Tell them about your idea of what you are doing. You'll never know that you might be able exchange some stuff with them without spending too much.

Hope you will have a merry merrier merriest Christmas ever.

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