Goal: Xbox For my Nephew

My nephew, RJ, wants an Xbox. I can't give it to him right away unless he will give me good grades by the end of the school year.

The one who's wearing white is RJ, the other one is Jet. They are brothers. RJ is the eldest and he wants me to buy an Xbox for him.

Jet wants a teddy bear. I gave him a stuffed teddy bear but he wants another stuffed bear because he knew his older brother is asking for an Xbox.

Honestly, I don't have money to buy an Xbox, so if you want to give me one why not. I would be glad to accept it. That was just a joke.

I told RJ that Xbox will be given to him only if he has good grades. He will attend class and he will wake up early for school.

I think its a great deal for me also because it will give me time to save money and I know my cousin Michelle will donate some and of course their ever beautiful grandmother. I will have to tag the boys' mother, Sugar, to join the fund raising for Xbox for RJ. I will call this, Oplan: Xbox for RJ.

I am not yet a mother and I know soon I will be a mother, I think kids right now would like to have all the things in the world. For elders to not make them spoiled or something, a little game would not hurt anyone. Kids would treasure it so much if they knew they've worked hard for something.

I don't know if my assumptions are right but would it be so bad to try? To mothers who would be able to read this post, let me know how to and what to do. Do you think what I will be doing is right?

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