Breast Cancer

I have been following tweets from other people who talked about Susan Reynolds. She was recently diagnosed to have a breast cancer. She's not supposed to be a candidate like she said.

To read more of her article click here.

My Hubby's mother died of breast cancer. I know for sure he's not over with what happened to her. According to my hubby, he's not sure if he will ever get to accept the fact that his mother died of breast cancer. He has seen her suffer. He made it sure that he will find any Star Trek series he can find for his mother.

Her name was Judy. I haven't met Judy but she knows about me. I always wanted to go to her that day when she was in the hospital. She told my soon to be husband that if he wants to marry me she would be happy.

It wasn't easy for my soon to be husband, neither to my end. It was hard to accept it since I am so excited to meet her but she can no longer wait. But I have to be strong for my hubby is weak and one of us has to be strong.

When I got back home, I got a message saying, "She died 6am today." I felt the chill. The whole night, I kept on thinking the IFs. If I was the person who has breast cancer, what shall I do? If I have a relative who has a breast cancer, what should I do? There are a lot of IFs in my mind. And at that night, I dreamed of Judy smiling and waving at me.

I made a post before Judy died. I made a prayer for her. There were some people who gave comments to that prayer. I do hope others will offer something for Susan Reynolds too.

For Susan, and for the rest of women who are suffering from breast cancer, here's a prayer.

Dear Father,

I lift unto You Susan Reynolds, someone I do not know but she's suffering from breast cancer right now. I would want her to meet all those who prayed for her. All those who supported her. All those who will soon discover bout her situation. All those who donated frozen peas for the rest of the cancer patients.

I lift unto You a woman of courage and that she will share her courage to the rest of the breast cancer patients who are in denial.

I lift unto You her doctors, her nurses, her friends and most especially her family, to have strength to give her an all-out support.

I lift unto You the rest of the Twitter users who supported her even if they are not with her physically.

I lift all these unto You, O Lord.



Connie Reece said...

Hunee, Thank you for that sweet prayer for Susan Reynolds. I will pass it on to her. I'm so sorry you never got to know Judy because breast cancer claimed her life.

The Patients Advantage said...

This is a great blog. Thank you for putting this forum together. I have been reading blogs like this for awhile and for the most part people have had positive experiences with their cosmetic procedures. That is great to see. I would be interested to know what your cirteria would be - or has been - in a search for a cosmetic surgeon. That is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the process - finding a good surgeon for your specific situation. My name is Mia I am the VP of Operations at The Patients Advantage. I am not interested in selling what we do on these blogs. What we do is at no cost to patients. I am interested in feedback from people who have already gone through the process and or have taken the process all the way and had an cosmetic procedure done. We have been in business since 2004 and the feedback we have received has always kept us in the forefront of technology and develop the tools that keep patients better informed on who the best surgeons are and the research tools about the procedures of interest. Please reply to this post on what is important to you…or email me directly from here or through our site; www.thepatientsadvantage.com. Happy Holidays.

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