In order to be lucky this Christmas and for the next year, some Chinese friends told me to eat only prawns or shrimps and some big squid. Why? You got to eat only this kind of food because they say it will bring you luck.

I didn't ask for the details because they said, to know the reasons is like throwing away the luck that was pass on to you. I wonder why is that.

As for the reason why shrimps and prawns are to be served, is because the color after cooking is orange. (This is just a wild guess. Don't put your trust on this article.)

Does anyone here knows why we should only eat squid and shrimps?

"Chi fan le mei you?" "Have you eaten yet?"


  1. Manuel Viloria // December 11, 2007 at 8:28 AM  

    Ni chur kuo le mah? (Are you done eating?)

    Sorry for the wrong spelling. Tsu-in is so much easier, I think.