December Blog

I would want to start my December Blog with a wish list and how am I going to get all the things I wanted.

Wish List:
1. Buy my auntie a necklace that she like - budget P200.00
2. Buy me a sleepers - budget P300.00
3. Buy dad 2 shorts and underwear - budget P300.00
4. Buy my sister some brassier - budget P200.00
5. Buy me a pants - budget P600.00
6. Buy me a camera case - budget P200.00
7. Buy me a blouse - budget 400.00
9. Buy my hubby a polo shirt - budget 400.00
10. Pay Doctor Haw - P2,000.00

How I wish to get those all done before Christmas. I will just be waiting for my 13th month bonus. Hope I will make them happy this Christmas and I will be happy.

Next December Blog, December 5, 2007.

1 comment:

richard said...

wow! what a nice check list.. :-)

ang swere nila!


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