Celebrating Christmas on the Web

It is not unusual for me to spend the holidays online. For one, mother's no longer here with me. I'm not living with the rest of my siblings. I live with people that has their own family to celebrate with during the holidays.

On December 24, I decided to go to Dad's place to cook spaghetti and eat dinner with them. It turned out we have to eat spaghetti in the afternoon, so after eating, Dad went out to some friends house. My brother was there, sisters too. We all eat again around 11pm before Christmas Eve, and this time we were able to talk for awhile. Then again, brother has to go to his wife's family and have his second dinner for the Christmas Eve. Sisters are going with him. I have to go back to my place alone.

I live with my mother's sisters. House was bright, all lights were turned on and my cousin is on the computer doing something. Table was full of food. I can say, this used to be the Christmas Eve dinner at Dad's house before when Mom was still alive. Anyway, I am old enough to be sad about it. I have to accept the fact that I am not going to experience that with my family. And their are people that is still connected to me that I can celebrate the holidays with.

When I got home, I immediately log on to my computer and do some online stuff like go to twitter.com. Also log on to my Yahoo account, Gmail account, Blogger, and other stuff. I am definitely was lonesome last Christmas but the web kept me company all throughout. My cellphone also kept me company that night. I was bombarded with lots of greetings.

I love my life. Whatever comes in my life, I can be mad about, I can be happy about, it doesn't matter. All things have made me who I am and have made me stronger. One way to keep me up and going was getting online to celebrate Christmas on the web. It was fun indeed. Not to include fighting vampires over facebook. I've turned my loneliness into something productive and creative like writing a post for my blog (but was not able to publish it).

This is life for me. Harder may it seems but I am enjoying every bit of challenges that comes my way.

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