I haven't made anything for the movie "Transformers" yet. I've totally forgot to do one article for the movie.

I've watched the movie along with Kuya Dax and Dr. Janet Pacifico. Dr. Janet would say, "If it's not a good movie then you have to pay me back." When we got inside the cinema, you would see a lot of Davaoe├▒os are watching this sci-fi movie. I love it when they were cartoons, I love them more now that they are real. Specially now that they made a real size of a transformer. Wow!!!

I wanna clap my hands while I was watching it, and I wanna shout when I was watching it. All others who are in the movie house are clapping and cheering every time the Autobots kick **s.

It was on good sci-fi movie. Good job Micheal Bay.

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