Justice? Just this? or Just Tiis?

Said and done. No matter how hard you wanna bring it back, it'll never come back.

Justice for me is when someone commits mistakes and everyone agreed to punish him in prison. Justice is rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title. When someone disagree then he shall be condemned. When someone does not conform to what is righteous to someone it brings bad meaning to someone so they impose such justice.

Just This is something that you know can be considered but then again it is unlawful and not right to the eyes of someone else. You would want to react but you couldn't because it's Just This.

Just Tiis is something that comes along with Just This. You don't want to make comment nor make accusations when you know you have your own point and views and you just decide not to share it.

This morning, on my way to work, one school girl seated next to me made a sound using the coin tap on the steel bar which is normally done by anyone else. The girl was quite scared to say, "Tabi lang po." The jeepney driver was angry because he did not hear it all. I made a comment on she's just a little girl leave it alone. There everyone looked at me. I said, "So? Do you want to your kids to be told like that?" Then they said, "She was tapping the steel bar about 5 minutes ago, it was your radio that causes you not hear the tap."

Indeed, it was justice for my part. As for the little girl, only because she was just little, she would think it is Just This, when you are still small and elders think they are elders and they know better Just This and Just Tiis is the only thing to do.

Everyone is not the same, everyone is not born to be identical to each other nor a prototype of another. We have our own righteous ways, and conformities that will not be just to another. There is no such thing as we should do this and that because it is set by the society we live in. Neither it is the way things should be. Move on, adapt and live along. If you get hurt tell them the way you want it to be if they don't like so be it, you don't live to please them.

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