You Could Not Please Everyone

(Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magalit!)

It was a great day when suddenly I've heard a comment regarding a working girl. The comment that I've heard was that there were some old things and they assumed it was the property of the girl. I knew that girl because we talked often. She's single, supporting her family, paying the bills, and she's earning just enough. I know she can buy some new things for her but if only the person who commented such things would have to consider that there might be something else and she might have wrongly assumed such accusations. I asked the girl, "Hey! How are you?", she said, "I'm not feeling good". I asked again, "Why? Is it something about yesterday?", she said, "Yeah. It's not mine. It was my sister's things. I didn't know she left it there and I..." I interrupted her by saying, "You don't have to explain. I already know even without you telling me."

There are times when you are not doing anything and you know it concerns you, people would make a comment. We all know everyone has limitations. She strives to do what is best for her family than for herself. Even if it's hers or not, we don't have the right to say rude words to her. She's human like us. She's working 12 hours just to have enough income for herself and for her family.

I know that shelter, food and clothing are the priority but if in her case, she has shelter, she has a little clothing and she has to work on 6 times a week to buy food. For me, I'd rather go to buying my food as priority amongst the three than the clothing. If I don't eat I won't be able to do my work.

You can never please everyone nor you can't serve two masters at the same time. It'll be more about what you can do and say to that person so that she or he can be inspired to dream more and be able to achieve what she deserves to achieve.

Say it nice and simple. It doesn't mean that if you were able to do more and buy more than that person even if you don't have that much of money like her doesn't give you the right to just say it bluntly. Be human, act human.

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