Hope in Darkness

Dear Readers,

Good day!

I'm Hunee Royo, employed and doing the position as a Marketing Assistant of MTC Academy Davao. From the start I know I can do my job, and I thought it will be easy. I've strive as much as I could to turn enrollment numbers up but it wasn't the way I wanted it to be.

I've met Honey Baula when I was manning our booth at a Job Fair at Gaisano Mall of Davao. Honey Baula is a visually impaired person. She had accident that's why she got blind. At first, I didn't thought she was blind because I was taught blind people could not blink their eyes. She asked me if she can be a medical transcriptionist despite the fact that she's blind. I could not say any comment. I don't want to hurt her feeling so I pretend and say OK.

Months has passed, and Honey continuously visit our office and ask for updates. Sooner she was put into a test if our software will work for her. She would be in the office early and waited for her time to get into the office.

I thought 2007 was an unhappy year because I almost quited on my job and would want to look for another one. A few days after she enrolled.

From day 1, I got no disability, but I keep mumbling about something that I can do, and that I can do that everyday. Here's Honey Baula, she's doing all she can do to live normal.

I'm trying to address the message to all that can see, if Honey was able to see hope in medical transcription why not others. Is it because we need to be blind to be able to realize that we are lucky?

This proves that in medical transcription, the playing field is even.


davao outsourcing said...

Let's not forget to count our blessings everyday! From that inspiring story, I hope that it touches the hearts of many people and to realize that they should be contented of what they are and what they have!

Hunee's Blog said...

Right point there. Thanks a lot!

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