Teddy Bear

I never thought that I would fall for a Teddy Bear. We don't have bears in the Philippines. But we do have stuffed teddy bears. What I'm talking about is that my real teddy bear is a human. I haven't seen him yet but I know for sure I love that man. I'm not talking about my knight or some kinda fairy tales and happy ever after stuff. He's just my teddy.

I never ever get to trust someone before. This time, I trusted him a lot. It seems like I'm connected to him even if he lives a thousand miles away from me. He's just near me. Every time I feel that there's something that had happened, I don't show it often but there is really something happened to him. I would know if he's sick or not. I would know if he's sad or not. I would know if he's happy or not.

Call it insanity. Call it boring. Call it stupidity in some degree. I call it happiness and lovin'.

Trust me, whatever burden there is on your shoulders, you never thought you've done and passed it all.

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