Secrets to Moving On: Lesson 2

Motto: I would rather try nothing great and succeed than try something great and risk failure


  1. They RESIST opportunities
  2. They RATIONALIZE their responsibilities
  3. They REHEARSE impossibilities
  4. They RAIN on enthusiasm
  5. They REVIEW their inadequacies
  6. They RECOIL at the failure of others
  7. They REJECT the personal cost involved
  8. They REPLACE goals with pleasure
  9. They REJOICE that they have not failed
  10. They REST before they finish
  11. They RESIST leadership
  12. They REMAIN unchanged
  13. They REPLAY the problems
  14. They RETHINK their commitment
  15. They RESERVE their decisions

Motto: I would rather try something great and fail than try nothing great and succeed.


  1. They FIND opportunities.
  2. They FINISH their responsibilities
  3. They FEED on impossibilities
  4. They FAN the flame of enthusiasm
  5. They FACE their inadequacies
  6. They FIGURE out why others failed
  7. They FINANCE the cost into their lifestyle
  8. They FIND pleasure in the goal
  9. They FEAR futility, not failure
  10. They FINISH before they rest
  11. They FOLLOW leaders
  12. They FORCE change
  13. They FISH for solutions
  14. They FULFILL their commitments
  15. They FINALIZE their decision

Which one are you?

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