A Person of Influence

One of the greatest things about becoming a person of influence is that you actually get to see the lives of others change before your eyes. What is greater is that the person whom you influence becomes an influencer to another person or persons.

Here's what I got from reading a book:

  • modeling integrity with everyone you come into contact with
  • nurturing the people in your life to make them feel valued
  • showing faith in others so that they believe in themselves
  • listening to them so that you can build your relationship with them
  • understanding them so that you can help them achieve their dreams
  • enlarging them in order to increase their potential
  • navigating them through life's difficulties until they can do it themselves
  • connecting with them so that you can move them to a higher level
  • empowering them to become the person they were created to be
  • reproducing other leaders so that your influence continues to grow through others
To influence others does not mean that you have to be in the highest position in your company to touch others lives. It does not mean that you need more money to influence others.

The idea of influencing others happens everyday in our lives. When we get to sell something to someone we influence that person to buy the product we are selling. A simple talk might turn to be a new insight to another thus creating an impact to that person. It can change her life or ruin her life as well.

Start to be a positive influencer today.

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