Prayer for Someone with Cancer

This prayer is for Judy. Fighting cancer is hard, and now that it has reached to I would say worse, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude of bringing up a son like Jerry. It would have been great to meet you but in time we will meet and through your son I would have known you personally.

Dear Father,

Thank you for the life that was given to us. A chance to see the wonderful planet that you have created just for us humans. We would have not lived a life so great but sometimes fate can be ironic. What can happen to us can be tragic or a simple knock out. You made it all happened Lord, God. With your mighty hands you shaped what's ahead of us and still you gave us that power to decide whether to do it right or wrong. There is no good and bad with you Lord, so even if we commit mistakes you are still there loving us. During these times that we going to lose another love one, we humbly ask and pray that to those who are left behind on this earth will find solace and peace with the rest of the family. We may be able to accept the truth that cancer can hit anyone of us. We may be able to do remember others whom we have neglected and who is currently suffering from cancer too. Our stories can inspire others but we do not intend on teaching them how to reflect, be it your way Oh God. This will surely be a wakening that irregardless of life's hardships and difficulties we will all come back to You and that day is when we die. You take care of our Judy, she means a lot to us. To Jerry and Steve, whom Judy has been a mother, may they be able to move on and live the lives that they should be living with love and fear to you God. To the grandson and granddaughters of Judy, may they be able to look life ahead of them as complex and that it needs them to decide whether to go this way or that way. For me, Oh God, that I may be able to give strength to these people. Be able to be strong, patient and understanding. We lift unto you Lord, our Judy. Let it be your will be done.

Before I end this post, let us reflect that even though we are still alive and lucky that we are still here on earth, we shouldn't slip in our minds that there are others who are suffering from certain illness and it loses their hope for survival. Some has been bitter, been so mad, and here we are busy with the daily routine in our lives forgetting that we owe this life to someone. The life that gave us earth and each one of us were given special task to do.


Kerry Dale Hancock Jr said...

How wonderful of you to take the time to consider others. Sometimes life does deliver some hard blows but I agree that the Lord has complete control and knows what is best if we allow HIM to with our own will. Through Jesus Christ all things are possible. One of my blogs is dedicated to the Lord: www.messengerinchrist.com...Blessings!

Hunee's Blog said...

Truth is that Judy is in Michigan and I am in the Philippines. I have not met her but since she is the mother of my man, Jerry, I would like to thank her for bringing up a son. I decided that I will not write it through email or in a piece of paper but instead post it in my blog so that others who can read it can also remember that they got family and friends to say hi to and maybe these friends and families are sick in bed right now. I do hope it's working. Bless God!

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