For Those Who Read My Blog

I started blogging since May this year, and I like doing it. Whether it'll cause me trouble or not, I say what I want to say only because I don't like other means to say it. This blog is all about what I feel and my reactions to things said and done to me or not to me or to those that is seen by the naked eye.

As I've checked my Google Analytics, I was surprised that other people from different places in this world checked out my blog. Some put their comments while others just read them through. I know from the very start that soon this will happen but I didn't expect that it'll happen sooner. I also know that if this is read by just anyone then I should be careful with what I write, exactly what I did from the very start. If you ever notice that some write ups are all about me being so mad about something or someone. Do take note that I did not write their names on to protect those people whether they are close to me or not. There are a lot of people who does not like the way I do blogging. Someone told me yesterday that if they get affected only because they knew I was pertaining to them or I was too obvious I was writing about them. Which is right, and the person who told me that is none other than a pastor at a church.

Some people make reactions in the way they want it to be known to the other like say it out without considering there might be other reasons. While there are others who would rather say it in another way.

For those who read my blog:

From the Philippines
(Quezon, Parañaque, Cebu, Davao)
Maraming Salamat Po!

From the United States
(Fresno, Pleasanton, La Jolla, Irvine, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Miami, Hilliard, Richardson, Shreveport, Edmonds, Alexandria and Southfield)
Thanks a lot!

From the United Kingdom
(London, New Castle Upon Tyne)
Thank you so much!

From Germany
(Berlin and Nuremberg)
Danke soviel Völker!

From Belgium
Danke soviel Völker!
Merci tellement !

From New Zealand
(North Shore)
Thank you!

From Italy
Grazie così tanto!

From Mexico

From Switzerland
Danke die Schweiz!
Grazie la Svizzera!
Merci la Suisse !

From Pakistan
Thank you so much!

From Belarus

From Senegal

From Canada
Thank you so much!

From France
Merci tellement !

From Ireland

Thanks a lot to those who left a comment. Comments do help me improve my blog. Hope to see your names sooner people.


viti-vino said...

Les visiteurs de Paris parlent français !! (Vous avez indiqué merci tellement les Allemands)

Moi je viens de Suisse. Vous avez raison Google Analytics est un excellent produit

Bonne journée

Hunee's Blog said...

Je ? laissez-moi dire cela encore....Thank vous tellement !

Merci pour me corriger....too beaucoup réserve ici par mon côté et je ne me rappelle plus ce que j'écris.

Hunee's Blog said...

Est-ce que je l'ai fait en ce moment ? Je suis lecture trop et mon cerveau ne pourrait pas absorber tout maintenant.

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