Early Morning Routine

I woke up a little late from my usual time. Reason for that is because I have goosebumps in my head. I was in bed early but there are some people living in the house and they were excited to make baked macaroni what can I do they are happy doing it.

I didn't eat breakfast but I had coffee in the office. Smell of the coffee makes me hungry for more of it. Bitter coffee and you put some creamer to it. A little sugar and pour some hot water. When you start stirring it the smell of that blended coffee, creamer and sugar would come out. The least you can say is ummmmm..... Smells like yummy.

You would slowly sip it because you know it's hot. I don't know exactly how to describe the taste but it is really good. They say coffee is good but I say coffee in the morning is great.

My coffee today is not as black as the coffee should be. In the capital times, we call it, Instant Coffee. Oh well, I don't have that black coffee now but I still got a cup of coffee.

What are you waiting for, got get one cup of coffee for yourself.

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