Am I Bugging You?

This is for everyone who knows me and reads my blog.

If you still don't know the game, you have to be friendly in any social networking sites to make them curious about you and then read your blog to know you better. That's the way I see it when I decided to be a blogger last May of 2007. Everyone in the blogosphere join this and that and invite their online friends to this new social networking sites to earn more friends.

I have facebook account, myspace, friendster, and twitter. These are my active accounts which means my day is not complete without logging in to these sites. There are a lot of times that I asked somebody's help on reading my blog, giving me feedbacks and all. I really appreciate that, it is one thing that I must consider to be thankful of because it makes me better.

Alongside with blogging is an opportunity to earn. Although I have to admit my first intention was just to write about something and hoping others would read it and give some comments. I have learned along that you can not just write what you feel about this and that. There has to be basis and not to write about your anger online.

So please, my dear friends both online and offline, I was just inviting you. You still have the discretion not to read my posts. I'm not bugging, let say, begging you.

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