How do You Make Big Bucks?

Are you Robert Kayosaki? or Bill Gates? or Juan Tamad?

Whoever you want to be like, I wanna know how you make big bucks. Did you earn that millions through your fathers bank account? You were the only son so when he died he left everything to you. Did you earn that millions because you trick 100 people to join multilevel marketing? Did you worked for 50 years to earn that millions? Or all of what I've just written were old school technique?

My friend says, he has been to blogging since last year. He have adsense in all his blogs but he did not earn anything. What could have happened? I started blogging last May 2007 and recently have adsense in my blog and I got 1.33$. What did I do? Honestly, I don't know.

Do you know? Share some tips on how to make money online. Post it here. Would love to hear from you.

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Culture Shiok! said...

I haven't earned my first check.

I have Adsense. I have Advertlets.

I recently joined PayPerPost. It looks quite promising. I just need to spend more time writing.

Have you joined PayPerPost yet? Join by reviewing this post, and you can both earn us a few US dollars.

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